Saturday, 21 January 2012

Vocaloid China: Yayin Gongyu (雅音宫羽)

Yayin Gongyu is the chinese pronounciation of the name "雅音宫羽" and is the name of the wining entry of the "Vocaloid: China" contest, a contest held for choosing the design of the first chinese Vocaloid. The name may be subject to change in the near future since it is written in Japanese style rather then Chinese. The design is being refined amd redrawn by illustrator Ideolo. The singer is said to be a young female Otaku well known amongst the Otaku fandom known as Shan Xin. She is due for release on June 12 2012 for Vocaloid 3.

Via Wikia: Yayin Gongyu

The Song: Jasmine Flower (茉莉花)

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