Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hatsune Miku & Windows Live Messenger (WLM)

Actually, I like Vocaloid characters, such as Hatsune Miku. I don't know whether this video is Windows Live Messenger (WLM) Commercial Ad or else. Anyway, I like this video very much! ^^

Miku Hatsune (初音ミク Hatsune Miku) is the first installment in the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series created by Crypton Future Media and the most popular and well-known Vocaloid, released on August 31, 2007. The name of the title and the character of the software was chosen by combining Hatsu (初, first), Ne (音, sound), and Miku (未来, future) thus meaning "the first sound to the future." The data for the voice was created by actually sampling the voice of Saki Fujita (藤田 咲), a Japanese voice actress. Unlike general purpose speech synthesizers, the software is tuned to create J-pop songs commonly heard in anime, but it is possible to create songs from other genres.

via Wikia - Miku Hatsune

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